De Voorst, Weiwerd, Heveskes, Oterdum (2009) is a display-sculpture with slides depicting the four different locations mentioned in the title. De Voorst is an area in the Noordoostpolder which was used by the hydrodynamic laboratory for testing future structures in large scale models of water-currents. The other three villages from the title are all largely or completely demolished because of the expansion of the Delfzijl harbour in the early 1960. At the time the area in the North-East of Groningen was part of a development programme by the the Dutch government to create work in the region. In this plan Delfzijl was meant to become a harbour the size of Rotterdam but because of the economical crisis in the 1970’s the economical expansion never came and most parts of the harbour are still wasteland today.

|display sculpture

|slide no. 1 (green)

|slide no. 2 (white)

|slide no. 3 (green)

|slide no. 4 (white)

|slide no. 5 (green)

|slide no. 6 (white)

|slide no. 7 (green)

|slide no. 8 (white)

|slide no. 9 (green)

|slide no. 10 (white)